Friday 19 December 2014

Let's wear Yukata!

Children in year 4 found out similarities between the UK and Japan about traditional clothes.
Traditional Japanese clothes is called Kimonos and traditional Scottish clothes is called the Kilt.
The occasion of wearing traditional clothes are the same!
-Doing some traditional things
 -Play traditional musical instruments such as bagpipes in Scotland and "koto" in Japan
 -Traditional dance such as Highland Dancing in Scotland and "Nihon Buyo" in Japan

Basically the culture between two countries- the UK and Japan- is completely different, so people seem to tend to look at the side of differences.
However, every culture has some similarities, I would like children to find out similarities in culture to understand each other.

At the end of the lesson, a teacher and a child  in  year 3 wore "Yukata" which is a casual kimono for summer!
They look really beautiful, don't they?

Gift bags for Christmas fair

Children in H.I.U and some children in year 5 and 6 made gift bags for Christmas fair.
They made beautiful stars with origami paper and put it on a plain paper bag.
They converted a plain paper bag into a beautiful paper bag!
They really worked hard!

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Let's make sushi rolls!

Yeah! Sushi- rolls!
It was the first time for children to make sushi rolls.
They were really good at making!
They enjoyed it!

Let's play with Japanese toys!

Have a go! 
"A cup and ball" is called "Ken-Dama" in Japanese.
Children in year 3 had a go to play with "Ken-Dama". 
The goal is to swing the ball into the air and catch it in a cup or on the pointed end of the stick.
They tried to catch a ball  with a cup, but the ball didn't go into a cup....
Children like challenges! They also tried other traditional Japanese toys such as " Ote-Dama" which means beans bags and "Kami-Fu-sen" which means paper balloons.
They seemed to enjoyed it!

Monday 15 December 2014

Let's use chopsticks!

Difficult! Hard! Help! 
It seemed challenging for children to use chopsticks. However They really loved to eat!
Eating with fingers is easy though, it became a good experience for children to use chopsticks!

Let's enjoy origami!

Children in year 6 learned how to make a paper crane in Japanese lesson. So they started to challenge origami works by themselves. They made Christmas decorations with origami paper. they were quick to learn, although they struggled with it at first. They really enjoyed it! 

this is the website of origami club which children refer to.